Otherlife, and the importance of OpenSource Software

Otherlife subtly summarizes deep rooted issues with how willingly people give their information to Propriatary Software Vendors.

Porting an Android Rom: Prologue

When the Essential Phone was announced I watched with a casual interest. When I found it supports Displayport Alt-mode on it’s USB port I set out to port maruOS to it. It took quite a bit to get the hang of building Android. This was compounded by the fact that there isn’t much documentation outside of the AOSP build docks. The purpose of this post is to touch on some techniques I implemented or was taught in order to streamline the build process.

5$ Cloud Part 2: Upgrading Nextcloud Docker

Upgrading is easy! Ensure you’re prepared for potential complications.

Stopping Stuck Windows Services

Save yourself a lot of time intervening.

5$ Personal Cloud: How to, using Nextcloud, Linode and Docker-Compose

The last decade put clouds in our skies, now it’s time to take the cloud for ourselves.

Using ADB from Windows Subsystem for Linux

I’m sure this will help any mobile developers on Windows 10 using Tabris or React.

Inner Join Basics Access/SQL

A brief rundown of an Inner Join in SQL and MS Access

Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

What is it, and why you want to save it.